CenturyLink® Optical Wavelength Service (National)

CenturyLink National Optical Wavelength Service is a data networking service that enables customers to extend their network to connect other business locations and/or data centers in a metro area or long haul.

Functional Capabilities

  • Optical point-to-point circuit
  • Secure, private network, fully dedicated, non-shared service
  • Predictable network performance
  • Large bandwidth options (1Gbps, 2.5Gbps, 10 Gbps, 100Gbps)
  • Protection switching and diverse routing offered as optional features
  • Low latency performance
  • Transparent to higher protocols (e.g. Ethernet)
  • Interfaces: Ethernet, SONET, Optical Transport Networking (OTN)

Ideally Suited For

  •  Data center-to-data center connections
  •  Disaster recovery/back-up
  •  Latency sensitive applications
  •  Financial/E-Commerce transactions
  •  Big data/large file transfers (research, 3D CAD/CAM)
  •  Streaming HD video
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