Disaster recovery doesn’t have to be complicated

Mitigue el riesgo, proteja su marca y evite el enorme costo del tiempo de inactividad de TI que puede resultar de desastres naturales o provocados por el hombre.

Recover within seconds
CenturyLink® SafeHaven® Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) helps protect against the massive costs of downtime and data loss
Restore normal business operations within seconds of a disaster, giving you, your employees and your customers greater confidence that your applications and data are secure, compliant and safeguarded.
Lower cost of ownership
Our innovative, scalable DR infrastructure delivers at a fraction of the cost of traditional ones, resulting in significant savings in hardware, software and maintenance costs. Moving your DR from a CapEx to OpEx also helps make your budget more predictable.
Easy to use and manage
CenturyLink replicates virtual servers on our cloud, so you only pay for what you need. The replica servers are activated within seconds of a disaster-keeping your business up and running.

SafeHaven DRaaS de CenturyLink

Keep your data secure and available
This offering uses a cloud WAN to link proxy recovery servers and remote replicas in the cloud to a replication node found at the production site. These work in concert with firewalls, the local disk, rollback images and protected VMs to help ensure your data is protected and accessible if disaster strikes.

Get started quickly
Se configura e implementa en días.

CenturyLink SafeHaven DRaaS costs a fraction of traditional DR solutions.

Easy to test
Simulate disasters in minutes and gain peace of mind.

Funciona con VMware
Compatibilidad profunda con el estándar comercial para virtualización.

Nuestra interfaz intuitiva facilita la personalización de su plan de recuperación ante desastres con solo apuntar y hacer clic.

Downtime is money

Unplanned IT system downtime costs Fortune 1000 enterprises $1,3 billion every year, according to Wikibon research1.

$1,3 billion
Total cost of unplanned IT system downtime1
Average per hour cost of downtime2
80 %
Organizations that experience at least one compromised account threat per month3
Keep your business running when disaster strikes

Together, CenturyLink Disaster Recovery Services and Microsoft provide world-class technology solutions by combining data networking and systems integration expertise with an extensive cloud practice—so you can achieve resilient, reliable business operations in the event of a disaster.

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